Why Teccarto?

Teccarto Classic delivers custom point-and-polygon mapping for Tableau Desktop, Server and Reader with NO changes to your software installation. Whether you are looking for Census Tracts, Precincts, DMA, Zip+, or you have your own custom Sales Territories or Exploration Zones you can now use this data with the Tableau Show Me panel and create point-and-polygon overlaid maps.


We go beyond the custom polygon options offered by other solutions and instead deliver the data in the format Tableau expects. This frees you from managing thousands or millions of polygon data points and allows you to focus on your own data. It also unlocks the point-and-polygon mapping functions built in to Tableau products as standard, but not accessible when using custom polygons or custom geocoding. Watch the US or UK demo to see how Teccarto Classic simplifies and enhances your custom mapping capabilities with Tableau.

What is Teccarto?



How do I get started?

1 Get some Tableau Software

2 Get some Teccarto data

3 Make beautiful maps!


Do you have your own custom boundaries?

We can convert existing boundaries into a Teccarto data package. You will need to tell us whether your boundaries are based on existing boundaries (Precint, Congressional District, Local Authority, DMA, etc) or whether you have your own custom polygons. We can handle either of these. Tell us how your boundaries are constructed and how many areas you have and we’ll give you a quote for your need.


Do you need existing boundaries?



A simple process adds your Teccarto data to your Tableau Software installation. Once installed, simply open your datasources as usual and start making maps! The Teccarto data ensures that Tableau recognises your geo data columns and maps become a one-click operation with Tableau Show Me.

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There are three simple steps to get started with Teccarto.

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