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Q: What is a Teccarto package?

A: Teccarto packages contain specific geographic data files designed to create enhanced contextual mapping visualisations with Tableau Software. Any individual package may contain one or more sets (layers) of boundary and/or point data.


Q: What can I do with a Teccarto package?

A: Teccarto packages allow you to create combined boundary-and-point mapping visualisations without additional data files, data extracts, cumbersome point-and-polygon datasets or data blending. They allow you to create enhanced mapping visualisations with geographic data that has meaning in your locality and industry sector, charity or public sector organisation using the functions already built in to your Tableau software product.


Q: Are there other ways to do what Teccarto packages do?

A: There are other sources of map data that allow boundary-only or point-only mapping visualisations, but at time of writing we believe only Teccarto packages allow you to create combined boundary-and-point mapping visualisations using map data not shipped with the Tableau product set.


Q: How does Teccarto work?

A: Teccarto packages work by extending the geographical data that Tableau understands. They use the functions already present in your Tableau software, effectively teaching Tableau about your geography and allowing you to use your data as is, without requiring an additional data joining or blending.


Q: Do Teccarto packages alter the installed Tableau software in any way?

A: No, absolutely not. There is no functional difference whether or not Teccarto packages are used. No software is installed or altered.


Q: Is there any trial available for Teccarto packages?

A: Not at this time. If you have special proof of concept requirements, please contact us for further information.


Q: Do Teccarto packages contain or require additional software?

A: Teccarto packages contain only data. They contain no software code, and require only a standard Tableau software product.



Q: Do Teccarto packages work with software other than Tableau?

A: No, Teccarto packages are designed specifically to extend the mapping capabilities already built in to Tableau software products.


Q: Do I need a copy of Tableau to use Teccarto packages?

A: Yes, you will need a working copy of Tableau to make use of a Teccarto package.


Q: What Tableau products are Teccarto packages compatible with?

A: Teccarto products are compatible with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Reader.


Q: Can I use Teccarto packages with Tableau Public or Tableau Online?

A: Yes, you can use Teccarto Web with these services. Teccarto Web is the online equivalent of Teccarto Classic.


Q: I have Tableau Desktop Personal. Can I use Teccarto packages?

A: Yes, absolutely. Teccarto packages work with Tableau Desktop Personal and Professional.


Q: What Tableau versions are Teccarto packages compatible with?

A: Teccarto packages are compatible with Tableau versions 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 ,8.3 and 9.0.


Q: Will Teccarto packages work on my Mac?

A: Yes, absolutely! Teccarto packages are compatible with both Windows and Mac Tableau products.


Q: Can I use Teccarto packages on my Tableau Server?

A: Yes, Teccarto packages are fully compatible with Tableau Server. When you use a Teccarto package, Tableau treats it as 'native' geographic data, which means that it is not bundled with the workbook. This reduces your publishing times, network and disk usage.


Q: Can I use Teccarto packages on a trial copy of Tableau Software?

A: Yes, there is no problem using Teccarto packages on any working copy of a compatible Tableau product.


Q: Can I use Teccarto packages with the FlyingBinary G-Cloud Services?

A: Yes, Teccarto packages are fully compatible with the FlyingBinary G-Cloud services.




Q: I already have data files provided by allmapdata. Can these be converted to Teccarto for use with Tableau?

A: Yes. Please contact your allmapdata account manager to discuss your requirements.


Q: I have seen some data files provided by allmapdata that don't yet say they are available as Teccarto packages. Can these be converted?

A: Yes. Please contact your allmapdata account manager to discuss your requirements.


Q: Can I use multiple Teccarto packages at the same time?

A: No, you have to stop using one package and switch to another. Each Tableau workbook must refer to geographic data in a single Teccarto package, but different workbooks can refer to different packages.


Q: Can I switch between multiple Teccarto packages?

A: Yes, you can switch between different Teccarto packages for different Tableau workbooks. However, this approach is really only feasible with Tableau Desktop. Switching Teccarto packages on Tableau Server should be an infrequent (eg upgrade) activity. If you have a regular need to use two or more Teccarto packages, contact us to discuss creating a single merged package.


Q: Can I merge multiple Teccarto packages into one?

A: You can’t merge Teccarto packages, but we can do it for you. If you request this at time of purchase, there is no charge. If you are currently using two or more individual Teccarto packages and would like them merged, we will charge a nominal fee to cover evaluation and testing.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of Teccarto packages that can be merged?

A: There are limits on the maximum size of Teccarto packages. We test each merged package before we ship it, and we will advise if we find any issues.


Q: I have my own data. Can this be converted to a Teccarto package?

A: In most cases, yes. Please contact us about creating a custom Teccarto package for your data.


Q: How do I remove a Teccarto package and restore my Tableau Software to its original state?

A: Simply follow the instructions that came with your package to delete the Teccarto files and reinstate the original geographic data that shipped with your Tableau product.


Q: What do I need to do when I upgrade my Tableau software products?

A: Whenever you install or reinstall your Tableau product for any reason, your Teccarto package will be partially overwritten with the geographic data that ships with the Tableau product. You then need to reinstall your Teccarto package or else you will see error messages relating to incorrect geographic data. Also, Teccarto packages are specific to a Tableau version, so the package for 8.1 is different from 8.2. If you upgrade your Tableau software product, please contact us for an upgraded Teccarto package. If your upgrade occurs during the first data update cycle following purchase, this will be free of charge.


Q: Who provides Teccarto packages?

A: Teccarto is a joint venture: allmapdata are established leaders in the provision of comprehensive, accurate map data; FlyingBinary are Tableau partners specialising in data, services and infrastructure integration.


Q: Where can I get Teccarto packages?

A: You can purchase standard Teccarto packages directly from allmapdata. For custom packages, please contact us.


Q: How are Teccarto packages licensed?

A: Teccarto packages are licensed by the number of users on an annual basis. There are also site and enterprise licenses available for large organisations.


Q: I think the data in my Teccarto package is out of date. How do I get an upgrade?

A: You can buy upgrades with the original Teccarto package purchase, or you can buy them when the data is next updated.


Q: I have a Teccarto package and I want colleagues to use it as well. How do I upgrade to more users?

A: You can purchase additional user licences at allmapdata.


Q: Some of the Teccarto packages contain data that is free public data. Why is there a cost for these packages?

A: All the data provided by allmapdata undergoes additional processing and quality checks to ensure it is the most accurate and up to date available. Then the data is carefully packaged by the FlyingBinary team to ensure optimum compatibility with your Tableau products. We believe that the benefits delivered by Teccarto packages - ease of use, convenience, speed, utility, flexibility - provide very significant return on investment compared with the cost of the packages themselves.


Q: Does the license for Teccarto packages expire?

A: The license for a Teccarto package is renewable annually. Geographic data by its very nature evolves over time, and therefore we provide updates to ensure the packages remain up to date and relevant. Updates may be purchased at original license purchase or subsequently.



Q: How do Teccarto packages differ from Tableau’s ‘custom geocoding’ option?

A: Tableau’s custom geocoding only allows point data - not boundary data - to be added. Also, ‘custom geocoding’ is treated as an external file to your workbook, and must be included in the package for Tableau Reader, or published to Tableau Server for each workbook. This is cumbersome, and means that workbooks may be many hundreds of MB larger than they need to be.


Q: How do Teccarto packages differ from CSV or TDE map data files?

A: Map data files provided in CSV or TDE (Tableau Data Extract) format require you to join or blend your data with the map data. For simple point (symbol) maps, this can be a quick and convenient way to put your data onto a map. For boundary (filled) maps it is more difficult because you need to use polygon data, and it is not possible to create combined boundary-and-point mapping visualisations with this method. Because Teccarto packages contain all the boundary and point data you need, you simply use your existing data without modifications and without joining and blending.


Q: What do I need to be able to install Teccarto packages?

A: You will need administrator access to your computer Programs or Applications directory to install, remove or switch Teccarto packages.


Q: Can I install Teccarto packages while Tableau Server is running?

A: You must stop Tableau Server to install or upgrade Teccarto packages.


Q: Do Teccarto packages impact Tableau performance in any way?

A: No, there is no performance overhead introduced through the use of a Teccarto package. Only map views will access the data in the Teccarto package - all other views will ignore the package entirely. Any Teccarto layer contains more than 1M entities will require additional time to render the view. This is similar to the extra time required when rendering more than 1M marks in a view.


Q: I have a technical question about Teccarto packages, where can I get help?



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